Our Commitment: Service & Quality

Whitney Tree Service has always been committed to supplying clients with the highest-quality materials and services in the green industry. Whether it is maintaining the structural integrity of your important shade trees, or diagnosing a potentially harmful insect or disease problem, you can always rely on our knowledgeable people to help you. We are looking forward to working with you on maintaining or improving your property value.

Tree Removal

Truck in a driveway loaded with logsWhen trees need to be removed for whatever reason, Whitney Tree has all the resources available for any tree removal project. No job is too big or too small. We have several bucket trucks, log loaders, tractors, stump grinders, and cranes at our disposal to handle even the most difficult removal jobs. All of our crews have experienced licensed arborists performing the work, which in the state of Maine is the law. As a homeowner you need to make sure any sub contractor you hire can produce proof of liability and workers compensation insurance to protect yourself in case an accident happens while the work is being performed. If you don’t, you could be paying for personal injury and property damage caused by the contractor.  We are happy to supply that information for you before any project is started. Any bi-products that are hauled off site (brush chips, wood) are re-cycled there is no waste!

Pruning: Trees/Shrubs

Proper pruning techniques must be adhered to at all times whether working with mature shade trees or ornamental trees and shrubs. Whitney tree employees are all trained to know how to prune any species of tree or shrub you may have. We specialize in pruning very large trees to reduce hazards, install support systems if needed, and perform crown cleaning to improve the trees overall condition and appearance. Proper shrub trimming will contain your plants size and shape and will extend its usefulness in your landscape. Do you have very tall hard to reach hedges? No problem with our bucket trucks and extension trimmers.

Casco Bay Islands Service:

Servicing the Islands of Casco Bay is something we have been doing for over twenty years. If you own property on an Island and like prompt service keep our contact information handy. We have our own boat to assist in the process as needed. Sometimes dealing with outside sources for transportation can be less cost effective and to tell you the truth we really enjoy getting out on the water! We have a good relationship with the local barge services so coordinating delivery times, and working with the tide charts is something we have a lot of experience with. All of our services are available on the Islands and if saving money is important, just contact your neighbors they may need something done as well which will lower transportation costs for everyone! 
Islands we have worked on: Cushing, Peaks, Great /Little Diamond, Long, Cliff, Chebeague, Moshier, Bustins.

Stump Removal and Grinding:

Tired of looking at stumps in your yard? We have two stump grinders a Vermeer 1102 and 252 that can quickly eliminate them. The 1102 is capable of grinding the biggest stumps mother nature can grow and the 252 with its removable outside drive wheels can get to those stumps through a three foot gate opening. If total root removal is necessary we have excavators that can take care of it. After the grinding is complete and you are looking at that pile of stump grindings we can help by hauling away the debris, filling the hole with top soil and applying grass seed.

Insect and Disease Control:

Think first, spray last! If you see a plant that doesn’t look like it should and need some knowledgeable advise, call Whitney Tree Service for an accurate diagnosis. We won’t sell you anything your plant doesn’t need. We use the safest products on the market to protect your plants with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Every insect and disease problem has its own challenges. Using the appropriate product and applying it at the right time is crucial to our integrated pest management process.  We encourage anyone interested in this program to contact us as early as possible so that we can provide you with the most effective management plan. Any repeat clients that receive maintenance proposals early can take advantage of our 5% pre-payment discount. These discounts are only available for insect and disease.

Vegetation Management:

Whitney Tree Service has licensed applicators on staff to control your unwanted vegetation. Weeds along rock walls, patios, and walkways can be a challenging job for anyone to control. Other examples of unwanted vegetation such as bamboo, poison ivy, and stump sprouts can be eliminated with the proper course of action.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization:

Trees and shrubs in landscape settings don’t always have the nutrients available in the surrounding soil that they need. Our fertilization program ensures these nutrients are there for your plants when they need it. We believe that by keeping the plant healthy and growing vigorously, most insect and disease issues that arise can be fought off naturally by the plants own defense mechanisms and greatly reduces the need for chemical treatments. Our fertilizer solution is designed to stimulate root as well as shoot growth and its slow release action means that applications are only needed biannually.

Mosquito and Tick Control:

Whitney Tree Service offers a tested mosquito and tick control program that will significantly suppress the population of these irritating pests. Contact us whether you are interested in a multiple spray program or a one-time special occasion application as in a wedding, family reunion, etc. We are extremely flexible and should be able to schedule to your needs.

Our Services

  • Complete Tree Service
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Difficult Tree Removals & Pruning
  • Mosquito and Tick Control
  • Stump Grinding
  • Invasive Plant Control

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''Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the work that was done removing several large trees from next to our home.

Your crew did an excellent job, very conscientious of safety and clean up.
It was quite a hot day when they were working here.
Thanks so much for a great job done.''

C. P. and D. P.